As an official partner in the federal Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers, and the national Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Team, the Amphibian Foundation strongly believes that in order to make any lasting impact on conserving the world’s amphibians, we need to get everyone involved. To that end, and many others, we strive to create an inclusive environment welcoming anyone who wishes to participate. We do not judge or look for people to join us who have a lot of experience and training, but rather we pride ourselves in attracting passionate people who want to make a difference for this often overlooked group of animals. A group that is disappearing right before our eyes. We seek to provide opportunities for all to gain experience, training, and education. Through these programs, we hope to further create a diverse network of environmental stewards.

Although it goes without saying, we will say it here — we are open to people of all backgrounds, skills and perspectives — anyone who is dedicated to the conservation of amphibians, wildlife, and the environment. We welcome all and provide a multitude of opportunities to get involved. Through our programs, we hope to improve cultural competency, increase inclusion, engage the widest audience possible, and recruit partners, staff, volunteers and interns from a diversity of social and cultural characteristics including: race, color, ethnic heritage, class, religion, geography, gender identity, orientation, mental/physical ability, age, and anything else we haven’t thought of yet.

Just get over here and help us save amphibians.