Critter Camp and COVID-19

We are pleased to be offering our in-person Critter Camps this summer, 2022 in Decatur and Atlanta! We are also offering online camp, classes, and electives on Outschool.
Click here to learn more about how Critter Camp will operate safely this summer.

The Amphibian Foundation

is where the Conservation, Captive Breeding and Educational Collections live. There are over one thousand live amphibians and reptiles attThe Amphibian Foundation, which is a licensed facility with both state (GA DNR) and federal (USFWS) governments.

  • 'Beast, Marty, Alex, Cecile' and 'Primal' Bearded Dragons, Pogona vitticeps
  • 'Ginger' Red Salamander, Pseudotriton ruber One of the most beautiful Atlanta species
  • 'Buddy' Argentine Horned Frog, Ceratophrys ornata
  • 'Juan' Axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum
  • 'Matilda' Boa constrictor, Boa constrictor This is the day that Zoo Atlanta donated Boas to Critter Camp
  • 'Blblblbla' Jungle Carpet Python, Morelia spilota. She is very sweet and climby.
  • 'Charlie' Giant Musk Turtle, Staurotypus triporcatus. They have, pound for pound, the strongest bite of any turtle species.
  • 'Bubbles' Common Snapper, Chelydra serpentina. In camp, we define the 'facts from fiction' around these notorious beasts.
  • Mata Mata skull Mata Mata, Chelus fimbriatus. Anatomy will be one of the focuses of our science-based Critter Camp
  • 'Patty, Berta, Javi, Bali' and 'Big Boss' Ball Pythons, or Royal Pythons, Python regius are a favorite among campers on Snake Day!
  • 'Rebel' Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina with a camper
  • *Wild Frog Bullfrog, Lithobates catesbeianus in the pond. Critter Campers are taught how to identify native frog species by call.
  • *Wild Snake Baby Water Snake, Nerodia sipedon. Critters found in our campus field surveys will be inspected, recorded & then let go
  • 'Snoopy' Alligator Snapping Turtle, Macrochelys temminckii. They are one of the largest fresh water turtles in the US.
  • *Wild Salamander Eggs Spotted Salamander, Ambystoma maculatum. Campers observe developing amphibian eggs and hatching
  • 'Gorgy' Gargoyle Gecko, Rhacodactylus auricularia is a fascinating species. We have a great diversity of Geckos
  • Lemur Leaf Frog The Lemur Leaf Frog, Agalychnis lemur is a beautiful & critically endangered species the AF has been breeding in captivity for many years.
  • 'Spot' Spotted Salamanders, Ambystoma maculatum are one of the native Atlanta species we will be exploring on Salamander Day
  • 'Juan' Axolotls, Ambystoma mexicanum are one of the favorites in Critter Camp.
  • Splendid Leaf Frog Splendid Leaf Frog, Cruziohyla calcarifer
  • Axolotl Happy Camper found a salamander! (Ambystoma mexicanum)
  • Azureus The 'Azureus' form of Dendrobates tinctorius. Poison Frogs are completely harmless in captivity.
  • Phantasmal Poison Frog The Phantasmal Poison Frog,Epipedobates tricolor from Ecuador is a very small species.
  • 'Soup' Asian Snapper, or Big-head Turtle, Platysternon megacephalum is a critically endangered species
  • Anatomy Oustalet's Chamaeleon skeleton. We have a large collection of skeletal and prepared specimens to learn anatomy from.
  • 'No-Eaty-Bananas' Leopard Geckos, Eublepharis macularius are very personable and handleable
  • Crystal and Anthony Crystal (Critter Camp Founder) and Anthony Mandica checking on the Axolotls
  • Azureus Poison Frog The Azureus morph of Dendrobates tinctorius is one of the most beautiful species of Poison Frogs
  • Tiger-leg Monkey Frog Tiger-leg Monkey Frogs, Phyllomedusa tomopterna are in the family Phyllomedusidae which includes Leaf and Monkey Frogs
  • Golden Poison Frog Golden Poison Frog, Phyllobates terribilis from Colombia is dangerous in the wild, but harmless in captivity.
  • Bozon Ranitomeya imitator, the Mimic Poison Frog